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2011-09-14 16:56:42 by FuzeMax


What do you think of my little test animation..? Did you like it? Why or why not?

New game comming soon!

2011-08-23 12:33:28 by FuzeMax

New game coming soon. Hope you like snes like rpg - adventure games.

Working on new game slowly...


2011-07-29 16:18:22 by FuzeMax

Haven't been into programing for a while now.. I just started getting my interest back though, and I'm more advanced then ever! I'm working on tests right now...


2011-07-04 16:17:06 by FuzeMax

Okay so I dint work on the game for a good while. I just started from scratch on my space game. The old one was not programed in a way that I liked... This one will have awesome feathers that not many flash space games have! To keep you guys interested I wont announce any information till the game is at alpha 0.5. At the moment its at alpha 0.05 but will be climbing up to 0.1 by the end of today!

Also secondly, I was thinking in updating my stickman platformer. Would you guys like a better jump? If I add a better jump I would also fix a glitch that I noticed with the score. It seemed to not save properly. Anyways tell me if you think I should update my stickman platformer in the comments below! :)

Working on a game.

2011-04-24 16:16:38 by FuzeMax

Okay so I know that my last (first) game wasn't the best, but hey I finished it! :) I got to admit I dint finish much of my projects I started before.. I'm starting to finish them now though :)! Anyways I have one game that a friend suggested and another one a lot alike my Stickman Platformer. For my stickman platformer any good story line suggestion would strongly be appreciated!

Anyways my friends game is like a space game. I'm not going to spoil it though, just to make you guys want to play it more >:)! Anyways It's going to have customizable ships! Well you'll be able to put your own addons like weapon and stuff...